Before You Follow
i am in love with chan, i obsess over stray kids and my favs, talk in caps, am not offended easily

Don't Follow If
anti my favs especially skz, -13/40+, any type of -ist or -phobic, problematic, start drama...

kpop, animanga, cats, reading, chan, skz, rapping, oversized clothes

bugs; esp spiders, being social, antis, sour candies, regular sized clothing

Kpop Stan List
stray kids, p1harmony, gwsn, mirae, everglow, kep1er, ive, jvcki wai, big naughty, bloo, code kunst, mudd, ash island, since, ahn byeong woong, colde, dpr, yongukk, aespa, seventeen, blackpink, enhypen, txt

Why You Should Stan Stray Kids
they literally make the best music, self producing kings, million sellers, won kingdom, all rounders, only release bops, performed in front of the korean president, IN Life being the most streamed 4th gen album on spotify, noeasy having 930k preorders, broke their own record, oddinary over 1.3 million preorders, first to gain 50 million views on studio choom, most subscribed 4th gen group on youtube, most followed 4th gen group on insta, hit #1 on world digital song sales cahrt, all tracks of oddinary charting in top 20 of genie, one of the top 10 best selling kpop groups, AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!